Specialty Childrens Eyewear

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Specialty Childrens Eyewear

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What is specialty children’s eyewear?

Unlike typical frames, specialty children’s eyewear may include sport goggles, swim goggles, hunting glasses, and more. This eyewear is designed to not only help your child see better, but to help protect the eyes as your child plays the sport of their choice.

When choosing specialty children’s eyewear, there are things to look for.

• Right Size—Children’s safety glasses and goggles must fit properly to offer full protection. Our expert staff members can help fit your child to ensure that their specialty glasses are able to do their job.

• Polycarbonate—Look for lenses that are made from polycarbonate. This material is impact-resistant; an important factor to consider if your children are playing sports.

• Sport—Every type of specialty children’s eyewear is not made for every sport. Let us know exactly why your child needs these eyeglasses so that we can help guide your selection.

• Fit—It’s important that you don’t purchase specialty glasses with the thought of giving your child room to grow. It is also important that your child does not wear glasses that are too small.

• Tomato Glasses—Fits all children including special needs kids. Non-slip, Safe, Adjustable! Frames for Babies, Children & Teens.

Our specialty children’s eyewear selection knows no rival. We are the premier seller of this type of eyewear for kids in the Dallas, TX area. If your child is in need of specialty eyewear, including sports goggles or glasses, drop in to Dallas Youth Optical today.

Every member of our staff is here for your family. We are looking forward to serving you! Bring us your child’s prescription today so that we can help choose the right frames for their needs.